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Medical Education & Scientific Communication

Congress digests/reporting

Advisory Board coordination

Marketing/branding seminars for R&D staff

Training & education

Literature review

National & international congresses and scientific events

Satellite symposia, medical meetings

Medical writing & proof-reading

Scientific journalism

Marketing & Communication strategy

  • Market research
  • Business intelligence
  • Customer surveys
  • Business development
  • Product pre-launch & launch
  • Re-positioning
  • Branding/re-branding
  • Marketing strategy plans
  • Sales strategies

Clinical trials & Epidemiology

Our « Research & Development » profile allows us to propose innovative concepts such as :


  •    « Patient-Leader » studies
  •    Translational research studies (fMRI, innovative biomarkers, modeling, …)
  •    Behavioral parameters as biomarkers studies


We also offer proof of concept studies, proof of activities studies, medical devices studies and observational studies.

Our main competences

  •    Neurodegeneration
  •    CNS
  •    Cardiology
  •    Dermatology
  •    Infectiology
  •    Cancerology
  •    Biomarkers

We offer 3 platforms

  •    Clinical research (CRO and SMO)
  •    Scientific & regulatory consulting
  •    Online surveys (Web portal)

Digital Health

Aware of the changes resulting from the impact of digital technologies, Vivactis Group specialises in multimedia development. Smartphones applications, web platforms, serious games, e-detailing… Vivactis Group offers a wide range of capabilities in order to meet the latest market trends. With over 15 years of experience in the multimedia field, Vivactis Group is a highly specialised agency active in the multimedia sphere.


Our customer base is composed of companies active in the life sciences sector (pharmaceuticals, MedTechs, BioTechs, diagnostics and digital health), as well as other healthcare stakeholders, such as private clinics, university hospitals, scientific associations, NGOs and health authorities. Starting with a strong idea, we make every effort to provide excellent technical and creative communication support.

Medical Marketing & Communication



Product promotion

Graphic design & marketing materials

OTC advertising

Event marketing, congresses

Public Relations

Corporate communication


Digital marketing

Web design


Mobile marketing


Online/mobile advertising

Digital, PR & social networks

Direct-to-Patient Communication

Disease awareness

Prevention campaigns

Advocacy, networking

Patient education/coaching

Health info platforms

Social networks animation


Events and congresses (organization of annual conferences and symposia for GPs, specialists and pharmacists):
  • Conferences and scientific events
  • Multidisciplinary congresses abroad
  • Interviews
  • Cardiology meetings
  • Endocrinology meetings
  • Multidisciplinary meetings of medical news
  • Residential meetings
  • Medicine forums

Market Access

  • Payer research and development of value propositions
  • Price determination
  • Reimbursement and HTA submission
  • Strategic counsel on best access route & price strategy
  • Regulatory, Governmental and Public Affairs
A Swiss SME in cosmetics needs to develop a marketing strategy to launch a new product on the EU market.
Vivactis solution & deliverables :
  • Conduct market analyses to understand the specifics of the 5 main European markets, allowing the customer to expand their trade area
  • Assist our customer in adapting their communication tactics to the new product
  • Detailed communication plan to launch the product in the new countries
  • Reinforce the scientific message by reviewing customer’s data and making them “marketable”.

Business case developed by Vivactis switzerland. For more information visit Vivactis Switzerland

A local start-up in the field of Medtech wants to re-position its brand towards a novel diagnostic application.
Vivactis solution & deliverables :
  • Conduct market research for potential competitors in the field
  • Identify the audience to be targeted and its needs
  • Recommendation for brand strategy, company’s repositioning (new vision, mission, slogan…) and adaptation of the scientific message to the novel application
  • Detailed marketing & com plan with tactics and channels to make the healthcare professionals aware of the company’s new positioning
  • Development of a scientific file to engage KOLs
  • Contact with KOLs to run clinical studies
  • Development of promotional material (promotional brochure, content for new section on the website, detailing schema and detailing aid for the sales force).

Business case developed by Vivactis switzerland. For more information visit Vivactis Switzerland

An American (East coast) SME has developed a diagnostic test to detect rapidly nosocomial infections. The company wants to open a new office in the Canton of Vaud to expand its market in Switzerland and asks Vivactis to develop a marketing and communication strategy to target healthcare professionals in the region.
Vivactis solution :
  • Obtain visibility with local healthcare professionals
  • Establish collaborations with KOLs to run post-marketing (phase IV) clinical studies
Vivactis deliverables :
  • Competition & target analysis
  • Results of (re)branding workshop (new vision, mission, objectives, value proposition…)
  • Communication & marketing strategy to reach out the local healthcare professionals in infectious diseases (including list of KOLs)
  • Updated scientific file for submission to KOLs in order to establish collaborations for future clinical studies in Switzerland
  • Brochure for infectious disease specialists to make them aware of the company’s product
  • Brochure for non-professionals to make decision-makers within hospitals (e.g. heads of purchase departments) aware of the company’s product
  • Booth material to present the company’s product at local conferences.

Business case developed by Vivactis switzerland. For more information visit Vivactis Switzerland

Medical Nutrition

Our main capabilities

Marketing strategy

Market analysis & market research

Marketing materials (booklet, visuals, etc.)

Medical Education

Phase IV

DTC Communication

Medical Technology

Clinical Research & Development
  • Pre-market safety/efficacy (ISO 14155) processes
  • Post-Marketing long-term product performance evaluation (e.g. for reimbursement)
Consulting & Strategy
  • Needs analysis, adapted and realistic solutions, taking into consideration:
    1. Client’s objectives (*CE marking, new indication, product re-positioning)
    2. Study feasibility
    3. Regulatory strategy
  • Expert consultancy (national and international networks)
  • Sponsor assistance with regulatory authority
  • Partnership with specialized agency for *CE marking submission
Clinical trials & Post-Marketing Observational Studies
  • Clinical trials to provide valid scientific evidence
  • Post marketing, non-interventional studies
  • Side-effect follow-up studies
  • Studies for regulatory perspectives
Market Access & Reimbursement
  • Strategic advice: market access strategies, market size evaluation
  • Expert network for medico-economic analyses

* Conformité Européene/European Conformity