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Medical Education & Scientific Communication

Vivactis Group offers a complete portfolio of Meded services all along the training program :

  • Medical field characterization, training needs assessment, literature review, KOL interviews
  • Development of a full training program for users and trainers
  • Content aggregation for all procedure documents (SOPs & documentation forms)
  • Medical writing, proof-reading, update & graphic design of educational material (print & digital)
  • Meded activities (Advisory Boards, conferences, courses, CME accreditation…)
  • Meded program follow-up, evaluation & improvement
Innovative & engaging digital Meded tools such as e-learning platforms, digital congresses, e-digests, clinical gaming/VR.

Marketing & Communication strategy

We offer you during the pre-launch phase :

  • Market analysis & competitive mapping
  • Branding reinforcement & (re)positioning
  • Development of strategies for product launch, marketing (B2B & B2C) and fund raising
  • Sales force effectiveness

Once the product is on the market :

  • Support with the entire product promotion/cycle, from post-launch to product exit
  • Marketing campaigns, action plans
Our Approach

Market access and product commercialization should be at the heart of your business and product development process to set up a clear corporate strategy. The sooner the better, i.e. the market research for defining the pricing and value proposition, the market validation, the marketing plan for brand promotion, the market characterization process as well as the sales force roadmap should ideally be set in motion at least 2 years before the product launch.Vivactis will conduct for you detailed market research studies to obtain the relevant and accurate data you will need prior to launching and marketing a product or a service. As healthcare specialists ourselves, we of course understand your market from inside and will therefore provide you with results focused on your current needs. We would also be only too glad to adapt our solutions to small players with limited resources or who need to outsource partially or completely their marketing/com activities.

Clinical trials & Epidemiology

Consulting services

  • Market characterization
  • Medical need & feasibility surveys
  • Literature review
  • Study design
  • KOLs & investigational site identification
  • Procedures for clinical trial authorisation

Medical writing services

  • Survey and analysis reports
  • Documentation for submission to the Ethics Committee
  • Scientific reports and publications

Our Approach

You can outsource individual tasks or the overall study design to us. Vivactis helps you plan your study from the design to the reporting phase, in order to be compliant with regulatory and ethical requirements.

For other studies for regulatory perspectives, CE marking submission, or medico-economic analyses for reimbursement strategies, we collaborate with experts from the field, either within the Vivactis Group or outsourced.

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Digital Health

We help you to anticipate digital health-related challenges:

  • Characterize your market & potential early adopters
  • Identify new ethical, regulatory & data privacy challenges
  • Integrate your e-health technology in current clinical practices
  • Understand the needs & expectations related to e-health

We help you to successfully convince future customers & end-users:

  • Build credibility & trust with healthcare professionals and end-users
  • Develop powerful marketing & communication material
  • Integrate digital tools in medical education

Our Approach

Digital health comprises all the information and communication technologies used in the healthcare sector, from disease prevention, to diagnosis, up to treatment and follow-up. Digital health includes the use of connected devices for patient monitoring, electronic patient record to store medical data, m-health solutions for telemedicine, or artificial intelligence to analyze medical “big data”.

Along with ground-breaking opportunities, digital health also brings new ethical and regulatory challenges, such as lack of public trust and questions related to data privacy. As experts in the healthcare field for many years, we help you to anticipate these issues, convince future customers and end-users, and integrate your e-health technology in current clinical practices.

Medical Marketing & Communication

We support you with the development of innovative online & print material (content and graphic design) for powerful medical/scientific marketing & communication tactics:

  • Content writing & proof reading
  • Print material (promotional leafl ets, white papers, annual reports, scientific folders…)
  • Digital material (websites, e-newsletter, e-health platform, promotional videos, content for tablet, apps…)
  • Scientific journalism (press folder, press releases, contact with journalists)
  • Creative development & graphic design
  • Scientific event/advisory board organization (program development, speaker brief & coordination…)
  • Project management

Our Approach

In a fast-paced environment where technology and innovation play such a tremendous role, being able to clearly present complex information, identify the right targets and adapt the messages is key to effective communication.Thanks to our medical and scientific experts, Vivactis helps you analyze your environment, create and implement strategic communication plans customized to your specific needs.  Moreover, we use new electronic media, such as mobile devices and social networking, for more appropriate and effective communication. We have executed successful plans for some of the major players from the industry and academia, as well as for non-profit organizations.

Direct-to-Patient Communication

We support you from the development of the communication strategy to its implementation:

  • Disease, therapeutic area or medical technology characterization
  • Online/offline communication material for patients, surroundings & layman (communication plan, content edition & graphic design)
  • Patient coaching/education & compliance programs
  • Disease awareness, prevention campaigns, events for the layman
  • Corporate health program, online health information platform
  • Simplified medical writing, press folder

Our Approach

Thanks to easy accessibility to health information, patients are more knowledgeable and play a bigger role in the choice of their treatments. This tendency, called “patient empowerment”, has led to growing pressure for changes in the healthcare legislation and healthcare systems (eg. patient advocacy groups).Vivactis is fully aware of this evolution. We help you develop information and prevention campaigns, which can help reinforce the image of your company in the minds of the general public and the “prescribers” (physicians).  We also capitalize on the new media and information tools. Being medical doctors, we make sure that the non-commercial direct-to-patient actions take into consideration the interest of both the prescriber and the patient.

Congresses & Events

Events and congresses (organization of annual conferences and symposia for GPs, specialists and pharmacists):

  • Conferences and scientific events
  • Multidisciplinary congresses abroad
  • Interviews
  • Cardiology meetings
  • Endocrinology meetings
  • Multidisciplinary meetings of medical news
  • Residential meetings
  • Medicine forums

Vivactis can offer you a turn-key solution to digitalize your meeting, featuring three main modules:

1. eCongress hall, allowing multiple interactions between eParticipants and the ePresence of your partners from the industry (virtual interactive booths);
2. eAuditorium, for live streamings and archiving of congress presentations;
3. eLearning with multiple choice questionnaires, quizzes, with or without CME accreditation.

Market Access

  • Payer research and development of value propositions
  • Price determination
  • Reimbursement and HTA submission
  • Strategic counsel on best access route & price strategy
  • Regulatory, Governmental and Public Affairs

A Swiss SME in cosmetics needs to develop a marketing strategy to launch a new product on the EU market.

Vivactis solution & deliverables :

  • Conduct market analyses to understand the specifics of the 5 main European markets, allowing the customer to expand their trade area
  • Assist our customer in adapting their communication tactics to the new product
  • Detailed communication plan to launch the product in the new countries
  • Reinforce the scientific message by reviewing customer’s data and making them “marketable”.

Business case developed by @Vivactis Switzerland

A local start-up in the field of Medtech wants to re-position its brand towards a novel diagnostic application.

Vivactis solution & deliverables :

  • Conduct market research for potential competitors in the field
  • Identify the audience to be targeted and its needs
  • Recommendation for brand strategy, company’s repositioning (new vision, mission, slogan…) and adaptation of the scientific message to the novel application
  • Detailed marketing & com plan with tactics and channels to make the healthcare professionals aware of the company’s new positioning
  • Development of a scientific file to engage KOLs
  • Contact with KOLs to run clinical studies
  • Development of promotional material (promotional brochure, content for new section on the website, detailing schema and detailing aid for the sales force).

Business case developed by @Vivactis switzerland.

An American (East coast) SME has developed a diagnostic test to detect rapidly nosocomial infections. The company wants to open a new office in the Canton of Vaud to expand its market in Switzerland and asks Vivactis to develop a marketing and communication strategy to target healthcare professionals in the region.

Vivactis solution :

  • Obtain visibility with local healthcare professionals
  • Establish collaborations with KOLs to run post-marketing (phase IV) clinical studies

Vivactis deliverables :

  • Competition & target analysis
  • Results of (re)branding workshop (new vision, mission, objectives, value proposition…)
  • Communication & marketing strategy to reach out the local healthcare professionals in infectious diseases (including list of KOLs)
  • Updated scientific file for submission to KOLs in order to establish collaborations for future clinical studies in Switzerland
  • Brochure for infectious disease specialists to make them aware of the company’s product
  • Brochure for non-professionals to make decision-makers within hospitals (e.g. heads of purchase departments) aware of the company’s product
  • Booth material to present the company’s product at local conferences.

Business case developed by @Vivactis Switzerland.

Press & Publishing

A comprehensive offer with coverage of all media available and the expertise of in-house experts :

  • Scientific reports and publications
  • Literature review
  • Scientific journalism (press folder, press releases, contact with journalists)
  • Print material (promotional leaflets, white papers, annual reports, scientific folders…)
  • Content writing & proof reading
  • Simplified medical writing, press folder
  • Training needs assessment, literature review, KOL interviews

Our Approach

  • In-house experts covering a vast scope of medical specializations, ensuring both the quality and medical trustworthiness of the publications
  • Comprehensive coverage of the different media available: press, website, phone apps

Medical Technology

Clinical Research & Development
  • Pre-market safety/efficacy (ISO 14155) processes
  • Post-Marketing long-term product performance evaluation (e.g. for reimbursement)
Consulting & Strategy
  • Needs analysis, adapted and realistic solutions, taking into consideration:
    1. Client’s objectives (*CE marking, new indication, product re-positioning)
    2. Study feasibility
    3. Regulatory strategy
  • Expert consultancy (national and international networks)
  • Sponsor assistance with regulatory authority
  • Partnership with specialized agency for *CE marking submission
Clinical trials & Post-Marketing Observational Studies
  • Clinical trials to provide valid scientific evidence
  • Post marketing, non-interventional studies
  • Side-effect follow-up studies
  • Studies for regulatory perspectives
Market Access & Reimbursement
  • Strategic advice: market access strategies, market size evaluation
  • Expert network for medico-economic analyses

* Conformité Européene/European Conformity

Vivactis MedTech

Regulatory & Compliance

During the development and pre-launch phase, pharma companies have to cope with regulatory and governmental affairs in order to obtain the necessary filings for market access.

Vivactis Group provides consultancy in regulatory affairs, including governmental and public affairs in the frame of the outsourcing of these practices by healthcare companies.

Our Approach

  • Complementarity with the Market Access practice to speed up the go-to-market process of a new drug
  • Gaining influence on a specific sector via the Key Opinion Leaders
  • Unique intermediate between the stakeholders with commercial objectives and the scientific bodies




  • Branding reinforcement & (re) positioning
  • Address new targets as biotechnologies, MedTech, telecommunications
  • Homogenization of brand image
  • Digitalization:

– Website design

– Interactive E-Mailing & Html

– e-newsletter

– e-learning: web classes and web conferences

– Mobile web-app (Congress, Calculator, Pass, Content)

– Social networks activities

– Internet advertising, buzz marketing

– Intranet development

  • Video production, multimedia toolkits
  • iPad ARS, Surveys, Quiz, Multimedia & Clm/Crm, order taking
  • Meded and Tablet availability, e-books

Market Studies

By way of innovative AD HOC methodologies – Quatitative/Qualitative

In all pharmaceutical industry’s sectors :

– Ethics
– Medical Device – Nutrition
– Dermocosmetics – OTC
– Biotechnology

Towards a wide range of strategic targets:

– Patients/Consumers
– Patient Associations
– HCPs
– KOLs
– Academic Societes

Virtual Congress

A Unique Technology

Engage your audience and do business on a more human level via interactive avatars with native chat and talk.

Virtual Congress Content Management Platform

Create your virtual place in a few easy steps and market products and services in 3D via web and in VR.


Deliver behavioral analytics and turn engagement into actionable data.

Vivactis Group can offer you a turn-key solution to digitalize your meeting, featuring three main modules:

1. eCongress hall, allowing multiple interactions between eParticipants and the ePresence of your partners from the industry (virtual interactive booths);
2. eAuditorium, for live streamings and archiving of congress presentations;
3. eLearning with multiple choice questionnaires, quizzes, with or without CME accreditation.

Even for meetings that are postponed to Autumn 2020 and later, we believe that a digital version is worth considering (as physicians will be very busy catching up with work, following the lockdown period).

Our solution is highly flexible and adapts to any kind of on-site meetings (from seminars to large eCongresses).

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